Recurring Club Events


Wabash Valley Beer Fest - Brazil, Indiana

This is a charity event held once a year by the Enunciation Church in Brazil, Indiana  at the county fairgrounds.  Our club usually has 5-8 members that dispense homebrew along with several craft breweries within the state. Proceeds are used for the church ministry for adolescent children. Admittance is free for two folks for each homebrewer.  A peoples choice award is given to the homebrewer receiving the most support. Public admittance for this event is usually in the $25-$30 range


Art Spaces - Terre Haute, Indiana

This is a charity event sponsored by the Terre Haute Art Spaces organization.  We have done this event since 2017 usually in May. The club members(5-10), along with other craft breweries dispense their beers for free in an effort to help this charity.  The event has been held at Terre Haute Brewing and the Red Barn event center in past years.  Each donating brewer receives two tickets to the event, a glass and a  t-shirt


Red Barn - Beer Dinners

Butler Pantries and the Red Barn host several beer dinners each year.  One or two of them are sponsored by our club. Kris Kraut, the Red Barn chef,  prepares a five course meal and pairs/matches to five homebrewers who donate their beer. Usually brewers are selected for this event because they have won 1st place in one of our local competitions or they have served the club in many other strategic ways. Public admittance for this event is usually between $35-$50 


Competitions throughout the Wabash Valley

Each year we have at least 4 club only competitions to determine BREWER OF THE YEAR award. Currently the point leader after four competitions is awarded the Brewers Paddle with their name and past winners engraved on it, Occasionally, some of our winners are encouraged to enter into larger competitions within and outside the state of Indiana. Some of our members have won medals/ribbons at these competitions

Barrel Projects


The club has done at least one used wooden whiskey/bourbon/wine barrel each year for the last several years. The club decides the recipe and members can opt to brew for the barrel (52 gallons) or opt out.   Members opting in brew between 5-10 gallons as needed to fill the barrel. Ageing varies in each barrel but generally 3-9 months and sometimes much longer. Interesting to taste the difference the charred oak barrel has on our beers. At the end of aging, each member receives between 4 - 8 gallons when the membership decide the BEER is ready

Big Brew Day


Each year on the first Saturday of May, the AHA holds a national and world wide BIG BREW DAY.  Our club participates each year. We join in the effort with tens of thousands of fellow homebrewers to make beer, share our knowledge and experience and camaraderie. We usually meet at an agreed upon location and brew one of the two styles selected by the AHA. Brewers are not required to brew either of the two styles and are free to brew whatever recipe they prefer.   The volumes and styles are then reported back to the AHA for inclusion for the national summary. Occasionally, we all brew a selected recipe for barrel aging a beer for 3-9 months or more. Note: See Barrel events above

Thirsty Thursdays


On the last Thursday of the month, we meet at one of the local breweries or Tap Houses for a club social. Have some beers, food and enjoy some time with other club members. Usually starts around 5PM



We try to have one club picnic each summer in June or July on a Saturday. The club provides the meat and condiments and members in attendance are asked to bring a side dish or snacks or a desert and some home brew or craft beers to share. These picnics are usually at a members house. All immediate family members are encouraged to attend 

Family Day


This is usually a pool party at a members house and we encourage all family members to attend. This event is usually on a Saturday. The club provides the meats and condiments and attendees are asked to bring a side dish or desert or snacks and some beer to share.

Pub/Brewery crawls


We try to schedule at least one crawl or tour each year to local places or within a 100 miles. We rent a passenger van or smaller bus and make it a day or night trip. Each attendee will need to pay fees for the bus depending on itinerary